Thursday, 28 April 2011

BaFaBaFa A Culture Simulation

This seems like a brilliant game worth considering. It could be used for example in our curriculum extension week. Check out the link... 

BaFa BaFa contents

Quoting from the company's marketing email:

In BaFa'BaFa' participants come to understand the powerful effects that culture plays in every person's life. It may be used to help participants prepare for living and working in another culture or to learn how to work with people from other departments, disciplines, genders, races, and ages. Here are a few of the ways BaFa'BaFa' has been used in the hundreds of thousands times it has been run around the world:
  • Build awareness of how cultural differences can profoundly impact people in an organization.
  • Motivate participants to rethink their behavior and attitude toward others.
  • Allow participants to examine their own bias and focus on how they perceive differences.
  • Examine how stereotypes are developed, barriers created, and misunderstandings magnified.
  • Identify diversity issues within the organization that must be addressed. BaFa'BaFa' initiates immediate, personal change. This simulation makes participants personally aware of the issues around culture differences. Participants feel the alienation and confusion that comes from being different. BaFa'BaFa' shakes participants out of thinking in stereotypes of anyone who is different. They learn the value of all faces in the workplace in a safe, stimulating environment.

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