Thursday, 10 March 2011

Blog: Culturally Teaching

This is an impressive blog which carries the tagline ‘Education across Cultures’. Well worth following, it provides a lot of experience-related ideas and links to some useful resources on intercultural education.


Quoting from their ‘About page’:

Isn’t it interesting that we all grow up learning a culture? And even more interesting, that school is one of the places where we learn it?

We at CulturallyTeaching are fascinated by this connection between education and culture. A favorite elementary school teacher, a student’s interaction with her host mother, even a photo of a school lunch – these stories communicate culture!

Our mission is simple:

1. Document stories about education across cultures

2. Help others become more cross-culturally effective


Here is a sample of popular blog posts:

Sleeping in School - A Cultural Thing?
What Do Bread, Brot and Education Have in Common?
"Checking" Assumptions in the Classroom

I particularly enjoyed this post:


Visit CulturallyTeaching here.

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